Derm Krolanh Market Tackle Shop Siem Reap

Derm Krolanh Market Tackle Shop in Siem Reap

Derm Krolanh Market Tackle Shop is the largest fishing store in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The store manages to pack lots of gear under its tin roof. They sell rods, reels, line, hooks, rigs, sinkers, floats and even some lures. They also sell throw nets for those local people who are more interested in gathering food than fishing for fun.

The shop is called Derm Krolanh Market Tackle Shop because it’s located near Derm Krolanh Market. It’s on a pretty major yet unnamed street that runs passed the market. The place is located about 2.2 miles (3.6 km) from the Old Market in the center of town, 2.9 miles (4.8 km) from the famous Angkor Wat, and 1.4 miles (2.3 km) from Siem Reap Creek.

The store is pretty easy to find if you’re on the right road. The entire front of the shop is open. There’s no exterior wall there, so you can see all the rods and nets lined up from the road. There is a big yellow and red sign in front with pictures of rods and reels too. The sign is in the Khmer language, but the pictures of tackle can be universally understood.

Inside Derm Krolanh tackle shop

The right side of the shop is lined with rod racks and baskets filled with even more rods. Most of the rods sold here are of the medium to heavy action telescopic variety. That is the most popular rod for people around here who mainly fish for snakehead using frogs fished on weedless hooks. They also sell large arbor reels to match. Their in the glass case toward the back.

They do sell one and two piece rods too. You can find everything from medium action 6′ fiberglass rods to longer and lighter carbon rods. Just don’t expect any high end up brand name equipment. If you do find something with a recognizable name, you might want to give it the once over to make sure everything is in order. Sometimes you find equipment that is not exactly up to snuff. Most of the things will work though.

The lure selection is just okay. They have some topwater lures and crankbaits. I don’t recognize most of them. There is a lot of stuff from smaller brands and other brands that aren’t really known. Better are the topwater frogs made from combinations of wood, metal, and rubber. These normally come from Thailand. Most of them are well made. You might even find some locally made frogs too.

You can find some generic spinners and things like wire leaders. More popular here are the locally made frog hooks. These are long hooks with twisted wire meant to hold a frog in place. They remind me of the invisible minnow rigs that are sold in some parts of Pennsylvania. They do the same thing, but they’re scaled up for bigger bait.

You can find hooks ranging from the very small to quite large. Some are sold under brand names. Others are loose. They also have loose sinkers and floats of different kinds too. Much of it is in plastic containers over at the front desk. A lot of it is open and accessible. You might have to ask for a few things if they’re under the glass.

Do they have everything you need?

Before I tell you about the inventory here, I want to let you know that I may earn commission when you make purchases through links on this page. This commission helps support my website, but it does not influence what I write. I only recommend products that I have found to be effective.

One interesting thing about this shop is that they sell ready made rigs for fishing. They’re 9 to 10 foot leaders with floats, sinkers and hooks already attached. All you have to do it tie one end to one of the telescopic poles they have, bait the hook, and start fishing. This really simplifies things for people who just want to get on the local water and catch whatever is biting.

Rigs, hooks and line can be found in glass cases to the back left side of the store. If you want to get anything inside, just ask. They have monofilament and braid. Most of it is not brand name. Sometimes you will see brand name stuff that is obviously on the old side. I stick with newer braid if I buy line here. Normally I just bring some good stuff like Power Pro Braid with me instead.

The shop usually doesn’t carry light line. You’re lucky to find monofilament with a strength under 10 pounds here. Most of what you find is on the stiff side too. So it can be a good idea to at least bring something like a Maxima Leader Wheel with you for leaders. That way you can still use the no-name braid and just tie on a section of leader at the terminal end of your line.

This shop carries some shorter telescopic rods that are good for microfishing. But if you plan on microfishing you will also want a small diameter light line. Those can be tough to find at this shop as well as the others in town. Again it is probably best just to bring your own leader wheel with you if at all possible. That way you won’t get stuck trying to catch 1 inch long fish on tough 12 pound test line.

I don’t want to give the impression that Derm Krolanh Tackle is devoid of products. They actually have quite a bit of stuff inside. They have everything from rod to hook that you would need to fish. So there is no real problem there. I just want to temper expectations and prepare you if you plan on visiting. There are some things like light line and high end rods that are easier to find elsewhere. Otherwise you can get what you need at Derm Krolanh. Prices are reasonable and the selection is pretty good for the area.

Derm Krolanh Market Tackle Shop Info

Address: Unnamed road (13.378528, 103.854823)
Hours: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

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