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Fishing with the Skandia Pelkie Tungsten Ice Jig

The Skandia Pelkie is K&E Tackle is a quality Tungsten ice fishing jigs. There are lots of different ice fishing jigs available these days, but the Skandia Pelkie is one of the better lures of its kind. It gets down deep quick and shows up big and bright on the flasher. Most importantly, this jig catches fish!

This jig has a wide appeal to a lot of different species. I’ve caught brown trout, rainbow trout, bluegills, yellow perch, crappie and even white suckers with these things. The Skandia Pelkie is admittedly basic, but it hashthe right design to put fish on the ice.

How to fish with a Skandia Pelkie Jig

At the risk of oversimplifying things, I would say that you fish the Skandia like you’d fish any other jig. That might not help if you’re new to it all. Or you could just be looking to develop your skills. So I’ll tell you how I use these jigs to catch fish.

No matter how you use a jig, you are trying to entice fish to bite. The color of the jig can help with that. So can the motion. Fish will hit a plain jig, but I usually tip them with a maggot or wax worm. This adds scent and gives the fish something to hold on to when they bite.

perch gold tungsten jigThis fat perch hit a Skandia Pelkie Jig

One way I fish a tungsten jig is to drop it right to the bottom. Then I reel up a couple of feet and twitch the rod tip. Do it every so often then let the jig rest. If that doesn’t work vary the way you move the rod. After a while you can make a few big sweeping movements with your rod that can attract fish from surrounding areas. If you are using a flasher or sonar just watch your jig. Drop it to where the fish are then reel up. Give the lure some action just above the fish and wait for them to come up and grab it.

Don’t be afraid to use Skandia Pelkie Jigs and others like them in open water either. You can catch fish with these things in flowing rivers and streams in the middle of summer. I’ve done it many times. They don’t look all that different from a bead head fly. Tip them with a maggot and you’ve got an alluring shiny grub that you can drift to hungry trout and hookup.

Where to buy the Skandia Pelkie Jig

Before I tell you where to find this jig, I want to let you know that I may earn commission when you make purchases through links on this page. This commission helps support my website, but it does not influence what I write. I only recommend products that I have found to be effective.

The K&E Skandia Pelkie isn’t only effective. It’s also widely available. You can find these jigs in big box retailers like Cabela’s as well as independent shops like Angler’s Emporium. Obviously they are more common in areas where people ice fish. I wouldn’t expect to walk into a bait shop in Florida and see Skandia jigs hanging on the wall.

Skandia Pelkie Jigs

You can obviously order Skandia Pelkies online too. Most places that carry ice fishing lures will have at least some in stock. You can even order Skandia Pelkie Tungsten Ice Jigs from Amazon. Ordering online is a sure thing. You never know what you will find hanging at the local bait shop.

No matter where you buy your ice fishing jigs, you should consider carrying some Skandia Pelkie Ice Fishing Jigs in your box. Of all the jigs commercially available right now, these are some of the best. If you fish through the ice there’s a very good chance you will catch fish on these jigs.

It can definitely help to have a few different colors and sizes of jigs. There are days when pink will outfish gold. Then there are the times you want to catch smaller fish. You don’t have to fill your box with hundreds of jigs though. If you want to keep things basic I recommend grabbing a couple of size Skandia Pelkie Jigs in gold and firetiger. These alone will cover a lot of situations and help you catch fish.

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